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DAY 1 – All Welcome!

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A very warm welcome to the first day of the 6th ‘September is Preparedness Month’ #30days30waysUK campaign. Once again, it is a real pleasure and honour to kick off our programme of activities and resources to boost your personal preparedness and resilience. As in previous years, we are joined by countless dedicated professional volunteers who share their stories and experiences, best practise, top tips and trusted resources. Simply follow the hashtag #30days30waysUK across social media during this September.


With COVID-19 now a daily reality that compounds other hazards, 2020 is an especially important year for us to convey the preparedness message and resources far and wide. As we are expecting an increase in interest and support, we are starting off with a ‘meet and greet’ orientation day.

No one is ever alone in an emergency and everyone can play their part by being informed, prepared and knowing where to access and give help. A little personal preparedness can go quite a long way towards community resilience. Informed and prepared individuals are the building blocks of community resilience.

Don’t be scared – be informed and get better prepared.


Your Activities and Resources for Day 1

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