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DAY 3 – Mental Health

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#EveryMindMatters! Mental Health is absolutely fundamental to personal and community preparedness and resilience. Talking about and sharing resources about Mental Health and has never been more important than now so an especially warm welcome to day 3 of #30days30waysUK September is Preparedness Month. Today is going to be a brilliant day. Here on email, we share the core resources of the day. However, to fully benefit also from what our many partners are sharing please follow hashtag #30days30waysUK.

Your #MentalHealth and well-being are key and there are simple steps you can take for self-care. Some of today’s core resources are:

– get your free NHS Mind Plan: start at the EveryMindMatters NHS hub
– top tips also via the NHS Mental health & well-being hub which links to @youngmindsuk and @samaritanscharity
MIND charity local services (England/Wales) and their extensive COVID mental health hub
ActionForHappiness is an impactful resource (BBC on youtube) with an app and calendars

These are excellent resources to get you started on your mental health toolbox for personal preparedness and resilience. Remember to follow #30days30waysUK across social media for even more daily tips and lots of quality resources.


Don’t be scared – be informed and get better prepared!

Your activities and resources for Day 3

Check out the listed resources above and bookmark those most relevant to you.
Start building your personal toolbox of key mental health resources.
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