Better emergency preparedness through easy, fun activities (also called ‘games’ or ‘challenges’ by some): a month long campaign to boost personal resilience and preparedness for individuals of all ages. This simple and empowering concept lies at the heart of #30Days30WaysUK.

Is the National Campaign developed in collaboration with partners to promote preparedness of fun and preparedness games were launched yesterday.  This campaign has been developed in collaboration with partners from all areas of the resilience world.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part daily. The aim is to spread the ‘better preparedness / community resilience’ message far and wide to empower people in all walks of life to get better prepared personally for all kinds of hazards and get involved.

There is free email service open to anyone to receive the daily email throughout September. This is available on the campaign website at

The emails follow a similar structure every day but of course the content varies. To see today’s email visit

To get involved all you need to do sign up to receive the free email on the campaign website or access via resilience direct if you have access, take part in the daily challenges, showcase good practise or good examples from communities or individually, create your own social media posts that discuss the daily themes in your context and always use #30days30waysUK on each posts as they monitor and analyse the campaign. You can also retweet/repost with/out comment any post from us or partners you find useful

You can access interactive google slides by clicking the following link which explain in more detail about the campaign.

LINK there is  a narrated version of this presentation available at the following link. narrated slide presentation  in addition the about us section provides useful information.

There is a google playlists that offers videos of a wide range of suitable materials

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