What are we doing?

We are currently involved with a number of projects including:

Universities and Colleges Database Project

We have constructed and are maintaining (for the use of the Society) a database of civil protection, emergency management, and disaster management university and college courses in the UK and have produced a report that specifically details the current academic picture with regard for these types of courses. Part of the planned use for the database is to identify a number of courses that would be able to enter into an accreditation process with the Society.

Development of an Accreditation Scheme for Courses Leading to a Degree in the Civil Protection Field.

As part of our long term goal to establish accredited courses at universities and college we are developing a scheme that is underpinned by the Core Competencies Framework and the Scottish Professional Development Award (PDA) which will help universities and colleges to develop new courses and/or review current courses to a professional standard.

Emergency Management Review: A peer-reviewed journal.

To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between academia and the practitioner the Editors and the Committee have been working on the development of Emergency Management Review a peer-reviewed journal for the Society that will be published on the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College web site and available to access online at no cost to the reader.

A core aim of the journal is to encourage the development and dissemination of evidence and insights around emergency management and civil protection from a range of academic disciplines, as well as from practicing managers and professionals.

Further work streams are currently being explored and information will be updated as they are developed.

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