The CBRN Professional Interest Group aims to be an active and effective focus within the Emergency Planning Society for the discussion and dissemination of issues relating to CBRN and Nuclear Emergency Planning.

If you are interested in contributing to the PWG, or in joining one of our specialist projects, please contact the Secretary to the PWG.

Committee Contacts

  1. To represent the Emergency Planning Society (EPS) on CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) emergencies. This includes CBRN emergencies resulting from deliberate, accidental and natural causes.
  2. To report key activities of the Group to the main body of the EPS through the Director of Business Services.
  3. To act as the profession’s main liaison body to facilitate the ongoing development and continuous improvement of CBRN procedures and guidance.
  4. To influence the development of national policy by liaison with central government and other relevant UK and European bodies. Where appropriate, representatives from those bodies may be co-opted onto the Professional Issue Group (PIG) to support the group’s work.
  5. To represent the Society on key national working groups (e.g. Home Office CBRN Partners Delivery Forum, Mass Fatalities Working Group, etc).
  6. To establish internal working sub-groups as necessary, to progress specific areas of main Group activities, and to liaise with other PIGs where appropriate.
  7. To share information with the wider EPS membership and external bodies inorder to promote good practice. This will not apply to any information that is subject to HM Government security classifications.
  8. To promote the EPS through the delivery of presentations and attendance at other forums.
  9. To encourage participation and sharing of work by all members through regular attendance and personal contribution. 10 To prepare and maintain an annual Business Plan and report activity against targets.
  10. To review Group membership annually to ensure an appropriate balance of expertise and to confirm that members are still active.
  11. To hold annual elections for the posts of Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary.

Next Meeting

Minutes of Meetings

Available as ‘Resources’ on the main EPS Website.

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Thank you to all of you who took the time out to recently comment on the emerging British Standard for City Resilience, BS67000. We had a lot of feedback and it’s greatly appreciated.

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