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Welcome to the Scottish Branch

A warm welcome to the Scottish Branch section of the website. You will find information on what is going on in the Branch, news, events, resources and much more.

Being a resilience professional is demanding, rewarding, wide ranging and specialist. Having the qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience required for the myriad of roles within the profession is vital and the Scottish Branch can help support you within your role.

This is a challenging time for all of us within the profession and many colleagues are facing change; the financial climate, doing more with less, changing what we do and how we do it, being innovative in our approach to resilience and importantly ensuring that we continue to strive to promote resilience within our organisations and keep it at the top of the agenda. We all have a part to play in how we influence that agenda; we need to say more about what we do and the competences required for our own personal development, the role that we undertake and the expectation of our employing organisations.

As a branch we will continue to promote the Society and attract new members. The Scottish-branch-statement-of-intent sets out the aim and objectives of the Branch. Members are the most important asset of the Branch; we are here to support and work with you and for you. If you know of any colleagues who are not members please signpost them to us or to view the website and sign up for membership. You can also email us at scotland.branch@the-eps.org

The Branch Executive will continue to work on your behalf, please contact any of the Branch Executive with any matters you wish to raise, or if you have ideas for future PINGs then we would love to hear from you. I hope you will continue to support the Branch activities; your continued support is needed and appreciated.
The Scottish Branch promotes Resilience in Scotland and is “Your Voice Your Future”.

Scottish Branch, Executive Committee, January 2017

  • Committee Contact Details
  • Branch Statement of Intent
  • Events Overview
  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Minutes

Committee Contact Details

Committee Contact Details

Welcome to the Scottish Branch and the contact details for the Executive Committee.

Branch Statement of Intent

Branch Statement of Intent

This statement of intent sets out the standards that Scottish Branch will deliver as a minimum, towards the wider development and enhancement of the Society and the profession. This document is complimentary to Branch Rules and other Society guidance.


To support the delivery of the Emergency Planning Society‘s strategic aims, and promote the professional interests of the Scottish Branch members in relation to Resilience.


  1. Assist and support the Society in the delivery of the core strategic aims within Scotland.
  2. Provide opportunities for the continuous professional development of Branch members using Professional Interest Networking Groups.
  3. Assist and support the Society in its aim to influence policy relating to resilience matters.
  4. Provide opportunities for learning, development and research in relation to resilience within Scotland, the UK and globally.
  5. Provide opportunities to discuss and explore good practice and lessons identified from emergencies, incidents and exercises.
  6. Develop partnerships with a range of interested parties including Scottish Government.
  7. Actively recruit new members to the Society.

The delivery of the aim and objectives will be the responsibility of the Branch Executive, with the support and assistance of the wider Society.


The Branch will organise at least one of each of the following in a 12 month period.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Professional Interest Networking Group
  • Membership development workshop
  1. In addition Branches will be able to run other events and training days as they deem fit, pending informing Central Office and promotion on the schedule of events. These events can include forums on critical issues, training and awareness and team building events.
  2. The Branch will maintain a schedule of events and meetings on the EPS website to ensure members are informed in advance of dates.
  3. The Branch Executive and Members will be ambassadors for the Society and the profession.
  4. The Branch will provide quarterly communications to members and the wider Society.
  5. Encourage and develop membership of the Society in Scotland, to include those in the profession, academic institutions, private and voluntary sectors, the event industry, utilities, businesses and industry and other organisations with an interest in the Resilience Profession.

Scottish Branch, Executive Committee, August 2014.

Events Overview

Events Overview

The Events Overview information is currently unavailable for the Scottish branch.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference information is currently unavailable for the Scottish branch.

Committee Minutes