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The Branch strives to meet four times a year and endeavour to hold one meeting in the north of the Principality, one in the south and two centrally. Please view our branch pages for more news, contact details and events.

Our members are drawn from a wide range of professional disciplines including the emergency services, local authorities, the Army, Local Health Boards, the National Public Health Service, NHS Trusts, voluntary organisations, utility vompanies together with self-employed and retired professionals who deal with emergency/contingency planning and crisis/disaster management.

The Branch strives to meet four times a year; following each meeting and whenever possible, we arrange a visit to a site of particular interest in the locality in which the meeting is held.

We also invite guest speakers to give presentations on topics that are of interest to our members.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to find out more about the Branch please contact the Emergency Planning Society who will pass your details on to a member of the respective Branch Executive who will then contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Committee Contact Details
  • Branch Statement of Intent
  • Events Overview
  • Terms of Reference
  • Committee Minutes

Committee Contact Details

Committee Contact Details

Welsh Branch Executive Contact Details

Branch Statement of Intent

Branch Statement of Intent

EPS Welsh Branch Statement of Intent


The EPS Welsh Branch recently held a very successful annual conference.  One topic that was discussed at length was how to reinvigorate membership as budgets become more constrained and people struggle for time. One of the Society aims is to share best practice and learning, in order to promote the professionalism Emergency Planners. We are backed by the EPS National Executive and historically the Welsh Branch has been recognised as a strong and active regional branch.

 The Welsh branch seeks to continuously obtain and share good practice and experience with its members and other stakeholders, with the aim of increasing their professional competence.

 Our branch meetings are friendly, informal and normally at a venue that allows extra benefit for members attending. Following meetings, there is generally a tour of the facilities and the chance to ask questions.

 The Executive Committee all have experience in, or are employed within the world of civil contingencies. Their role is voluntary and extremely inclusive with members.


Events Overview

Events Overview

The Events Overview information is currently unavailable for the Welsh branch.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

EPS Welsh Branch Terms of Reference 


1.1       To provide a forum for the study of the most effective means of planning and managing emergency preparation, response and resilience. Disseminate good practice and standards of emergency planning.

1.2       To represent the views of its members in all issues related to emergency planning and resilience.

1.3       To contribute to policies related to emergency planning.

1.4       To encourage the professional development of its members and to maintain high standards of professional practice.

1.5       To provide the opportunity and means to share knowledge, skills, expertise and experiences across the profession.

 2. Values

2.1       We will act with integrity and strive to be open and transparent.

2.2       We will be supportive in helping our members .

2.3       We will engage with members and stakeholders to inform debate and build trust.

2.4       We will empower people to take an active part in their Society

2.5       We will take pride in the work of the Society

2.6       We will respect the views of all members.


  1. Empowerment

3.1       Promote an annual event or conference to facilitate the topical and sought after knowledge for discussion with our members

3.2       Provide a calendar of events for members to share knowledge and network with other professionals.

3.3       Identify opportunities to create a visual identity of the society and compliment external agency programmes.

3.4       Listen and shape our priorities based on our member’s feedback and ideas.

3.5       Establish links with Welsh Government to assist in emergency planning knowledge across Wales.

3.6       Encourage mutual engagement with neighbouring branches to share events and resources.

3.7       Explore the use of resilience direct to share knowledge of the Society and promote day to day sharing of best practice though the use of a forum

Committee Minutes