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Master Class: Biological Threats – from nightmare to reality.

Aim: The aim of this CBRN-UK sponsored Masterclass, being held in association with The Emergency Planning Society, is to introduce attendees to the risks associated with a biological incident and the measures that may be taken to respond to such incidents.

Background: “Significant outbreaks of disease are among the highest impact risks faced by any society – threatening lives and causing disruption to public services and the economy. This is true whether such outbreaks occur naturally, such as pandemic influenza or emerging infectious diseases, or in the less likely event of a disease being caused by an accidental release from scientific or industrial facilities, or as the result of a deliberate biological attack. Large scale disease outbreaks in animals or plants can be equally significant in terms of economic, environmental and social impact”. (Foreword to UK Biological Security Strategy – July 2018)

A biological incident may not be identified for some time e.g. several weeks and may only be recognised through health monitoring. The source or scene of any incident may be unidentified. Biological agents such as Anthrax or Ebola, can lead to outbreaks of infection and contamination of the environment and can occur naturally, accidentally or through intentional release. The associated contamination may cause restrictions and access controls until the contamination is dealt with and the remediated environment declared safe to use or re-enter. Reacting to a biological incident can be extremely demanding and requires all responders to have an understating of the challenges they will face.

Programme: Presentations and industry demonstrations will provide attendees with an increased understanding of the new UK Biological Security Strategy1 as well as on the latest procedures and technologies that can be used to mitigate biological threats. The programme will include presentations of key aspects of the response to a biological incident including the UK response to such incidents as well as case studies of previous biological events. Invited speakers include representatives of Dstl, Public Health England, Health and Safety Laboratory and others.

Outcome: At the end of the Master Class attendees will:

  • Appreciate the types of, and risk from, biological agents, including pathways and symptoms, for infectious diseases and deliberate use.
  • Understand response measures including Medical countermeasures, information management, detection, identification and monitoring, personal and hazard management.
  • Have an awareness of the UK response to s biological incident.
  • By way of case studies have an increased knowledge of the last technologies used in biological agent mitigation.

Date: 26 September 2018

Location: Defence & Security Organisation Export Support Team, Department for International Trade, Royal Artillery Barracks, Larkhill, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 8QT

Cost: £25.00

Bookings: CBRN-UK Biological Masterclass Registration

Enquires: Allison.Spyer@adsgroup.org.uk


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