This year we celebrate 25 years of the Emergency Planning Society and in doing so we are reflecting on the many incidents and emergencies that have taken place during that time, both within the UK and globally.

EPS Celebrating 25yrs Feature

In 1993, we didn’t have the Civil Contingencies Act, (CCA) statutory duties or the myriad of doctrine and guidance documents that are now in place.

Emergency planning, as it was known, was an under-resourced service, with small units of staff, no recognised qualifications, professional standards or required level of competence to perform the role; in fact anyone could get a job.

The emergence of the legislation, statutory duties and regulations (CCA) along with supporting guidance was long overdue. For the first time, we started to produce a cadre of standards, developed a competency framework, accessible qualifications and had aspirations of developing a profession. Funding was still ad hoc……………

So let’s fast forward to 2018………….. Are we recognised as a profession, let’s reflect……..

What has changed, what needs to change, and importantly how do we build back? This is the theme of this year’s study day, developed by resilience professionals for resilience professionals.

Our learning and development must come from the heart of the profession; especially from those who have the knowledge and experience from responding to and dealing with recent emergencies. This must influence our future, our professional standards and practice, and, above all ensure we all retain our fitness to practice to make a difference.

You won’t want to miss this event. #buildbacktothefuture

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