This is the enrolment level for all those joining the Society. All Associates are entitled to full voting rights within the Society and are eligible to stand for office at branch level.

Associates are entitled to full voting rights and are eligible to stand for office at Branch level and be a member of but not hold office of a National Committee.

£120.00 / €140.00 per year.

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Voting rights within the EPSResilience magazineHold office - at branch levelHold office - national levelCPD schemePost nominal

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Associate: Upgrading

An Associate member wishing to update completes their details and ONLY the Sections from RESEARCH through to Professional/Vocational Qualifications on the Application to Join/Upgrade to Full Member form.

The Elements pertaining to the Core Competencies will be supported by a CV that shows the minimum of 3 years in the profession supported by at least 2 Members/Fellows from their Home Branch or Other who can confirm the contents, within reason, with a Supporting Brief Statement stating their knowledge of the work claimed in the CV is accurate, achieves at least 6 out of 12 of the Core Competencies and that the individual would fulfil the expectations of the society as being a Full Member.

This will then be submitted via the Branch Executive for authenticity, within reason and knowledge within their area, thereafter forwarding via EPS HQ for consideration and assessment by the Assessments Team of the M&D Committee.

The nominated Branch Executive of the applicant will be informed when the process is completed and the level attained by the applicant. Branches are encouraged that Formal Awarding of an upgrade is completed at Branch AGM’s or other suitable Branch Events.

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