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Once again, we received very sad news of further innocent people being drawn into yet another terror attack in London after the incident on London Bridge.

Our thoughts are with their families and friends during this difficult time and for those who are still in hospital we wish them well and a speedy recovery.

As the Prime Minister said, “enough is enough” and it’s time for all in the UK to engage and fight back in every way they can.

In my personal opinion, here are three key ways in which I feel you can all help.

1. No matter what hits us keep calm and carry on. Do not allow the acts of terrorists to define how you live your life, how you go about your daily business or socialise with family and friends. Be aware but not afraid!

2. Be super vigilant and be the eyes and ears on the ground to help the security services and police identify all suspicious behaviour to hope to help prevent incidents before they occur. If you suspect anything which you feel could be terrorist related call 0800 789 321 or if it’s an emergency call 999. If you are unsure what to look for contact your local police force and ask a CTSA to help you connect to a locally delivered GRIFFIN course or if needed attend one of the free EPS GRIFFIN courses.

3. If you find yourself pulled into an incident remember the message Run, Hide and Tell to get away as quickly as possible. If you have not seen the “Stay Safe” video have a look at this https://youtu.be/4jxOXbpTmnk. Don’t forget that in addition to Run, Hide, Tell you may want to Treat someone who has been injured in the attack. Download the CitizenAID system to your mobile phone or find more details on www.citizenaid.org and learn the simple system as “You Can Save Lives”.

Today is just another business day and hopefully you will all be back at work to “Carry On” and operate as usual, to fight back against the terrorist ideology that continues to try to undermine our British values and way of life.

Rather than focus on the negative I want to focus on the positive.

The report of the crash on London Bridge was received by the Metropolitan Police at 10:08pm and within 8 minutes the terrorists had been engaged and neutralised. This is policing at its best and should be applauded.

Every person involved in taking the call, mobilising officers, their bravery to run towards the terror threat and the skills of the firearms officers to take down the terrorists before they could do any more damage is something to be very proud of and we want to say thank you to our first responders and all the emergency services who supported this incident for all they do to keep London safe.

The stories of police officers armed with batons taking on terrorists armed with hunting knives and IED belts (even though later found out to be hoax) demonstrates the bravery of the front-line police officers and what they are willing to risk, keeping us all safe. I hope those acts of bravery are formally recognised soon.

The EPS London Branch will continue to do what it can do to help fight this threat of terror and we remind you all that we have initiated free GRIFFIN (counter terrorism training) courses at the London Fire Brigade HQ and places are free to any EPS member nationally.

If you want to come along please make contact via info@the-eps.org and we will be happy to get you involved.

Stay safe all and don’t forget to carry on regardless.

Peter Joyce
London Branch Chair