Matt Roy has been appointed to the EPS Board as the new Director for Membership and Development.

Matt said:

“Professional Development is for everyone to actively participate in, to make emergency planning be relevant, credible, forward thinking and progressive in their own organisation. The EPS is an organisation that has the profession and the professional at its heart. It has achieved so much in its relatively short life span, that many other similar and older organisations could not.

“Whether an individual or an organisation, you can have some bleak times but it is how you come out the other side that will eventually dictate your outcome. It is the same for the EPS. It can return to where it has been before, the leading light for the profession.

“I relish the challenge of being part of that growth again. I hope that in the pivotal role of Membership and Development Director, I will have the opportunity to seize the challenge and help that progress with the memberships’ and fellow Directors’ support.”

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Matt joined the Lothian and Borders Police as a cadet in 1975. His first introduction to the world of emergency planning came as a young police officer responding to the Lockerbie disaster in 1988.

He was later part of the first pan-UK Multi Agency Emergency Response Programme into a CBRN attack on UK soil.

On retiring from the police, he set up his own consultancy working with local authorities and the health sector and was involved with the planning for the 2012 Olympics, as well as business continuity and emergency planning in the London and Surrey areas, and now currently works for Sellafield Ltd.

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