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Publish Date: 15th December 2016

Image: Welcome – EPS Chair

[lead]Welcome to the website of the Emergency Planning Society, the professional association for resilience practitioners and emergency planners.[/lead]

The EPS has existed in various forms since 1952, from the days of Civil Defence through to the current resilience sector. Our 1400 members are at the forefront of preparing for and responding to all the threats of the modern era, from flooding through to terrorism.

The EPS provides a forum through an extensive network of regional and national branches, as well as professional working groups, to share experiences and disseminate good practice. We run a range of free or low-cost events, and negotiate discounted rates for members to attend major conferences organised by our partners.

This website contains a vast wealth of resources that gives vital assistance to our profession. However, it is available to EPS members only, being one of the many benefits and tools provided by the EPS that members can call upon.

As a member of the EPS, you have the opportunity to be part of an international network that can provide support and give you a voice amongst key players in the sector, as well as enhance your professional development.

So join now – please go visit the joining section on the EPS website or email info@the-eps.org

Tony Thompson
Chair, Emergency Planning Society

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